Forgotten Vilcabamba: Final Stronghold of the Incas

Forgotten Vilcabamba
This is the story of an escape that turned into a quest that became an obsession that has solved, I think, a very old puzzle. What began as a simple adventure soon took on a life of its own and became in time an Odyssey of learning and discovery. Those who think that the frontiers of exploration have all descended into the ocean depths or flown out beyond the rings of Saturn take heart and read on…

A modern-day scientific adventure set against a fascinating historical backdrop, Forgotten Vilcabamba describes the author’s long but successful campaign to uncover the secrets of lost Vilcabamba, the once-powerful Incas' mysterious redoubt in the jungles of the Upper Amazon.

Weaving together the region's bloody history in the aftermath of the Spanish conquest and the saga of intrepid early efforts to unlock Vilcabamba's secrets three centuries later, Vincent Lee’s masterpiece includes numerous maps and illustrations to bring the hidden ruins of the Incas' long-forgotten final stronghold back to life.
"Vincent Lee reveals the secrets and solves the mysteries of Manco Inca's Vilcabamba in a series of splendid expeditions. His detective work and conclusions are totally convincing (and his) drawings constitute a treasure-house of new information."
John Hemming
Author of
The Conquest of the Incas
"Forgotten Vilcabamba is destined to be read and re-read for as long as people are interested in the search for and discovery of lost cities from ancient civilizations. A book that not only captures the excitement of exploration but also tantalizes one with the idea that lost cities are still out there waiting to be found. A great and thrilling read."
Kim MacQuarrie
Author of
The Last Days of the Incas
"In the category of boots-on-the-ground narratives about the Incas, the true classics can be counted on one hand. Vincent Lee's Forgotten Vilcabamba might just be my favorite. No other book captures so well the history and magic of the once-impenetrable territory that lies just beyond Machu Picchu. With his architect's eye and superhuman curiosity, Lee succeeds in conjuring back to life the stone masterpieces erected by some of history's greatest engineers. In the process he manages to have one hell of an adventure."
Mark Adams
Author of
Turn Right at Machu Picchu
"No ruin has ever got lost again once Vincent Lee had found it. He combines meticulously thorough exploration with a draughtsman’s eye, resulting both in superb plan maps of the Vilcabamba sites and a text that evokes the endless appeal of this rugged and rich landscape. Forgotten Vilcabamba has the great virtue too that the author always takes the Incas far more seriously than he takes himself; it is one of those rare books that combines both modesty and insight."
Hugh Thomson
Author of
The White Rock